Research Profile


Our research is focused on the translation of new research findings into novel diagnostic, prognostic and treatment options, with a focus on breast, prostate, gastrointestinal (pancreatic and colorectal), and haematological cancers.  Our research aims to produce outcomes that are targeted, cost effective and suitable for integration into larger nationwide cancer treatment services.

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre research program organises a diverse group of clinical and translational research teams and cancer molecular oncology research groups into a series of programs that reflect those “Hallmarks of Cancer” where there is significant capacity and established international competitiveness to have a significant impact on improved cancer management.  This includes cell proliferation, signal transduction and cancer metastasis. Our research program also allows for the expansion of our world-class capabilities in cancer genomics, including functional genomics, epigenomics and cellular and animal imaging.  These components are categorised into five broad areas: translational research, clinical research, cancer genomics, biomarker discovery and validation, and therapeutic target identification.

To achieve our research objectives, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre works in close collaboration with colleagues at centres across Sydney and a series of state-wide, national and international consortia.  These currently include leading roles and collaborations with Sydney Catalyst Translational Cancer Research Centre, the International Cancer Genome Consortium, the Australian Epigenome Alliance, the Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration, the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative, the Alliance for the Human Epigenome and Disease, the Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group and the International Breast Cancer Study Group.