Our 5 year strategic framework is in its final stage of development, including consultation with a broad range of stakeholders.

At the centre of the Framework is the objective to create an environment where integrated translational research and personalised medicine flourish, so that better diagnostic and treatment options are available for patients and clinicians, sooner.

The Framework takes an issues-based strategic planning approach.  This approach supports the innovative and the dynamic environment of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.  Through the issues-based approach, the key enabling factors and barriers are identified, and used to produce a Framework for the ongoing development of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.

The Framework facilitates the connection of individuals, teams and partners to achieve the vision and mission of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre through the ongoing, collaborative development of the areas of work within the Program Plan.

If you are interested in contributing to the 5 year strategic framework, please contact:

Cath Holliday
Head, Policy and Strategy
The Kinghorn Cancer Centre