david-thomasThe Kinghorn Cancer Centre provides leadership in a new era in cancer research and clinical care in Australia. Built on 30 years of world class cancer research at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research External Link and 150 years of specialist, compassionate cancer care at St Vincent’s Hospital External Link, this courageous new initiative places the patient at the centre of all decisions, maximising the rapid translation of research findings to new approaches for personalised cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Driven by the need to reduce inequities in curative treatment options within subgroups of cancers exhibiting poor prognosis, and variations in access to diagnostics and treatments associated with socioeconomic status and geographic location, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is not only a facility where science is efficiently translated from the preclinical to the clinical setting, it works towards ensuring all patients have access to the right treatment, at the right time, at the right cost and with the right outcome.

Progress in cancer research and management is not made in isolation but through collaborative enterprises at institutional, state, national and international levels, and through reaching out to the community. The Kinghorn Cancer Centre will continue to expand interactions at all levels and welcomes collaboration with all visionaries who are committed to realising a research environment in Australia that works to a pace set by the needs of our patients.

Key to this approach within The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is the development of campus-wide, multi-disciplinary teams, accommodating researchers from diverse fields of cancer genomics, molecular oncology, clinical research and patient management within the one building to facilitate a creative environment and free flow of ideas essential to the development of novel approaches to improved cancer management. The integration of these advances into a holistic approach to cancer care,¬†for which St Vincent’s is famous, will have direct benefits not only to cancer patients but their carers and families.

On behalf of all staff at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, we hope that you will join us as we embark on this important journey into exciting new fields of translational cancer research and personalised, integrative medicine.


Professor David Thomas
Director, The Kinghorn Cancer Centre
Division Head, Cancer Research Division, Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Laboratory Head, Genomic Cancer Medicine at Garvan Institute of Medical Research