The Kinghorn Cancer Centre Visionaries

It takes a group of visionaries to build a new facility to realise the promise of personalised medicine for all Australians with cancer. This ambitious project would never have made it beyond the dream stage, were it not for the far-sighted and extremely generous individuals and organisations we take pride in recognising here. Each gift made by one of our visionaries has proved a critical building block in the development of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre:

  • The Kinghorn Foundation
  • The Australian Cancer Research Foundation
  • The NELUNE Foundation
  • The Ferris Family Foundation
  • Roy and Cindy Manassen
  • Greg and Kerry Paramor
  • Petersen Family Foundation
  • Laurie Sutton
  • Nicholas and Angela Curtis
  • Cyril Golding
  • John Porter and Susan Mougey
  • Tony and Coleen De Saxe
  • Simon and Catriona Mordant