ACRF awards $5 million cancer research grant in honour of Lady (Sonia) McMahon

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) has today awarded its equal largest ever research grant of $5 million towards the construction of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. The ACRF grant honours the late Lady (Sonia) McMahon, life member and one of two joint founders of the Foundation (the other being the late Sir Peter Abeles). Lady McMahon passed away earlier this year at St Vincent’s Hospital after a long battle with cancer.

In announcing the grant, ACRF Chairman Tom Dery, paid tribute to the outstanding contribution of Lady McMahon.

“The Australian Cancer Research Foundation would simply not exist without Lady McMahon, so it is indeed fitting that her tireless efforts and her passionate commitment to supporting our vision of a cancer-­‐free world are honoured today” said Mr Dery.

“We are delighted that this grant will help establish a comprehensive cancer centre, closely linking leading-­‐edge cancer research with patient care. Brilliant researchers, like those at the Garvan, can achieve things tomorrow that they can only dream of today to eradicate cancer and its effects on people,” he added.