Kinghorn Cancer Centre Architect Appointed

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is a $100m capital project for the St Vincent’s Research Precinct and is therefore being brought to life through two parallel lines of activity: on the one hand, operational planning and on the other, fundraising and communications.

Latest developments on the operational side are that architectural firm BVN has been recruited to develop concepts for the building and the partners are very excited by their early sketches. BVN are very conscious of the need for the building to provide an open and transparent façade and interface with the community and to encourage collaboration through its design. Connectivity with the rest of the Precinct through a series of walkways and corridors is also paramount (for example, the Garvan, the Victor Chang, the proposed Institute of Virology). The operational team is working towards submitting a development application in the coming months. Assuming it is approved, the aim is to finish construction of the Centre by the end of 2011.