The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is located at 370 Victoria Street in Darlinghurst, Sydney.  Patients are cared for by St Vincent’s team of specialists in state of the art consulting, assessment, education and treatment areas on levels 4 and 5 of the Centre.

Working in tandem with clinical trial and basic science researchers, we aim to provide the most up to date personalised treatments and to contribute to cutting edge research (particularly in the area of genomics), so as to fast-track the introduction of new treatments.

Clinical Consultation and Treatment

Within The Kinghorn Cancer Centre a range of clinical staff can be accessed, including clinical psychologists, social workers, a genetic counsellor (for our Hereditary Cancer Clinic), pharmacists and dieticians.  The major treatment area is situated close to the street level entrance of the building, and is called The NELUNE Centre.

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre has purposely separated clinical treatment areas and clinical consultation areas.  These are located on different floors following patient feedback, which reported anticipatory nausea when returning to the area that previously encompassed both treatment and consultations. Similarly, counselling rooms have specifically been designed to provide a more homely feel than the traditional clinical consulting rooms.

Additional Facilities

Within The Kinghorn Cancer Centre additional facilities such as the Wellness Centre and onsite parking are available.