The Kinghorn Cancer Centre ensures that patients receive multidisciplinary clinical care in an appropriate environment with input from the key professional groups, allowing for informed, evidence-based decision making by patients and their carers.

In cancer care, ‘multidisciplinary’ is defined widely to include surgical oncology disciplines, radiation oncology, medical oncology, palliative care, pathology and imaging, other medical specialties, general practitioners, oncology nurses, psychologists and a range of allied health professionals.

At The Kinghorn Cancer Centre, multidisciplinary care is driven by our ability to understand the individual characteristics of each patient, and aims to meet the needs of every patient.

The multidisciplinary team is led by the patient and includes St Vincent’s specialists who work in tandem with clinical trial and basic science researchers, to provide the most up to date personalised treatments, and to contribute to cutting edge research, particularly in the area of genomics, to fast-track the introduction of new treatments.

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre provides holistic care with access to a range of clinical staff, including clinical psychologists, social workers, a genetic counsellor (for our Hereditary Cancer Clinic), pharmacists and dieticians.

Within the Centre additional facilities such as the Wellness Centre, a cafe and pastoral care services are also available.