Car Parking

Parking at the Kinghorn Cancer Centre External Link


There are a number of hotels within walking distance of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. Your clinical care coordinator or social worker can offer advice on accommodation in the area.

Cancer Fact Sheets

Below is a link to Cancer Council’s Understanding Cancer series. Here you will find resources for people with cancer, their families and friends.

Audio-visual materials as well as booklets and information sheets that are easy-to-read and provide information about specific types of cancer, treatments, and emotional and practical issues are available through the Cancer Council website External Link.

We have produced a leaflet entitled Radiation Therapy of the Head and Neck and your Oral Health.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care acknowledges and supports those who draw strength from their religious tradition/faith.  As an integral part of our health care team, Pastoral Care professionals offer a unique service that recognises the specific cultural, contextual, physical, emotional, spiritual and religious needs of the person.

Please ask a member of your health care team to request a visit from one of our Pastoral Carers.