Cancer Services

  Dion Forstner
Acting Director Cancer Services, St Vincent’s Hospital

Annabel Horne
Acting Nurse Manager, Cancer Stream, St Vincent’s Hospital

Medical Oncology Consultants​

antjos Professor Anthony M. Joshua
Head of Department, Medical Oncology
IMG_5109bw-crop-small Dr Rachel Dear
Staff Specialist
Professor Elgene Lim
Staff Specialist
Dr Subotheni Thavaneswaran
Staff Specialist
Associate Professor Venessa Chin
Medical Oncologist
A/Prof Hao-Wen Sim
Staff Specialist
Dr Megan Barnet
Medical Oncologist
Dr Megan Crumbaker
Medical Oncologist

Dr Rasha Cosman
Staff Specialist

Dr Michael S Krasovitsky
Staff Specialist


Andrew Yam
Medical Oncologist


Dr Julia Chen
Medical Oncologist

Dr Jia (Jenny) Liu
Medical Oncology Staff Specialist

Haematology Consultants

sam-milliken-IMG_4207bw Dr Sam Milliken
Department Head Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation, Senior Staff Specialist
Dr John Moore
Senior Staff Specialist
A/Prof Nada Hamad
Staff Specialist and Director of Haematology Clinical Trials Unit
Dr Barbara Withers
Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist
Professor David Ma
Senior Staff Specialist
Dr Keith Fay
Senior Staff Specialist
Dr Orly Lavee
Consultant Haematologist

Dr Eleni Mayson
Consultant Haematologist (VMO)


Dr Georgia McCaughan
Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist

Allied Health Professionals


A diagnosis of cancer and the ensuing treatment can be a very difficult period. The Clinical Psychology service at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and St Vincent’s Hospital is dedicated to providing psychological support, therapy and counselling to cancer patients.

The team consists of four Clinical Psychologists who have specialist post-graduate degrees and focused skills in psychological assessment, case formulation and evidence-based psychological therapies. The structure of support is designed to address the unique concerns of each individual, and to provide therapy and skills to help people achieve their goals.

Clinical Psychologists support people experiencing a range of psychological concerns associated with cancer including;
• adjusting to the cancer diagnosis and associated changes
• managing feelings of depression, anxiety, anger and helplessness
• managing feelings of grief and loss
• negotiating challenges within family relationships
• managing treatment-related issues such as a fear of needles, claustrophobia or anticipatory nausea
• managing treatment side-effects including pain, fatigue and changes in your body
• managing post-treatment concerns such as fear of cancer recurrence and difficulties with body image and intimacy

The team works closely with the medical, nursing and allied health professionals at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre and St Vincent’s Hospital to help provide a holistic, comprehensive and personalised service for each patient in their individual circumstances. If you are interested in a referral to the Clinical Psychology service, please discuss with your doctor or cancer care coordinator.

Dietitians are available to provide individual nutrition assessments during cancer treatment. They will assess your individual nutrition needs to provide practical advice on how to optimise your dietary intake, manage symptoms, treatment side effects and/or unintentional weight loss.

The team consists of Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) with the qualifications and skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. The team has sound university training and are accredited by Dietitians Australia (DA). We apply evidence-based approach to each individual’s care, working closely with the medical, nursing and other allied health professionals within the cancer care team.

If you would like a referral to the Dietitian service, please speak to your Doctor or cancer care coordinator.

Heredity Cancer Clinic

Associate Professor Kathy Wu
Robert Kent
Clinical Trials Manager