Social work assistance is available for cancer patients, their families and carers at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and the impact of illness brings many new feelings and challenges. Oncology social workers have specialised experience in helping people affected by a diagnosis of cancer.

We work in partnership with the treating team to offer counselling services, therapeutic interventions, group work, information and resources to patients, families and carers.  Social workers may be able assist you with:

  • Coping with a cancer diagnosis and the emotional reactions to illness
  • Providing counselling to individuals and families in grief, loss and interpersonal concerns
  • Accessing information about your diagnosis and treatment
  • Considering decisions about treatment options, work, family and other things in your life
  • Providing information about the psychosocial impact of cancer
  • Giving you information and education about the health care system
  • Identifying appropriate resources and linkages in the community including cancer resources
  • Education about issues affecting cancer patients and their families and carers
  • Dealing with body image and sexual concerns
  • Stress reduction and relaxation skills
  • Talking to children about cancer
  • Accessing financial services and support
  • Planning for your future care and decision making
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments or treatment
  • Temporary accommodation during treatment
  • Assistance with recovery and adapting to life post treatment

If you would like support or assistance please ask our nursing staff or your doctor to contact a social worker for you.

If you are interested in attending a cancer workshop or support groups please ask to see a social worker.

Alternatively please call the Social Work Department on 8382 2213.