Research Staff

Dr Andrew Burgess External Link
Lab Head – Cell Division, Garvan Institute
liz-caldon-small Dr Liz Caldon External Link
Group Leader – Replication and Genome Stability, Garvan Institute
Prof Susan Clark External Link
Division Head – Genomics and Epigenetics, Garvan Institute
marcel-dinger-small A/Prof Marcel Dinger External Link
Head, Clinical Genomics and Genome Informatics, Garvan Institute
david-gallego-ortega-small Dr David Gallego-Ortega External Link
Group Leader – Tumour Development, Garvan Institute
vanessa-hayes-small Prof Vanessa Hayes External Link
Lab Head – Human Comparative and Prostate Cancer Genomics, Garvan Institute
lisa-horvath A/Prof Lisa Horvath External Link
Group Leader – Clinical Prostate Cancer Research, Garvan Institute
antjos A/Prof Anthony Joshua External Link
Director of Oncology, Garvan Institute
Dr Maya Kansara External Link
Group Leader – Immunobiology of Cancer, Garvan Institute
James-Kench Prof James Kench
Staff Specialist Pathologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
James-Kench A/Prof Elgene Lim External Link
Lab Head -€“ Connie Johnson Breast Cancer Research, Garvan Institute
A/Prof Maija Kohonen-Corish External Link
Lab Head – Colon and Lung Cancer Research, Garvan Institute
ann-mccormack-small Dr Ann McCormack External Link
Group Leader – Hormones and Cancer, Garvan Institute
Dr Ewan Millar External Link
Pathologist – Translational Breast Cancer Research, Garvan Institute
samantha-oakes-small Dr Samantha Oakes External Link
Group Leader – Cell Survival, Garvan Institute
Prof Chris Ormandy External Link
Lab Head – Cancer Biology, Garvan Institute
marina-pajic-small Dr Marina Pajic External Link
Group Leader – Personalised Cancer Therapeutics, Garvan Institute
claire-stirzaker-small Dr Clare Stirzaker External Link
Group Leader – Epigenetic Deregulation in Cancer, Garvan Institute
Phillip-Stricker-small A/Prof Phillip Stricker
Chairman – Department of Urology, St Vincent’s Clinic
Dr Alex Swarbrick External Link
Lab Head – Tumour Progression, Garvan Institute
phillippa-taberlay-small Dr Phillippa Taberlay External Link
Group Leader – Chromatin Dynamics, Garvan Institute
david-thomas-small Prof David Thomas External Link
Director of the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, Garvan Institute
paul-timpson-small Dr Paul Timpson External Link
Lab Head – Invasion and Metastasis, Garvan Institute
fatima-valdes-mora-small Dr Fatima Valdes-Mora External Link
Group Leader – Histone Variants, Garvan Institute